Chapter 1.2 – Getting Friendly

A couple days later, Kelly gets his first day off and host a house warming party.  If you can call it a house yet. At least he got walls around the toilet for now. Still no shower for this poor guy.


He invites his co-workers and his boss, who is a fairy now suddenly. Everyone is having a good time, dancing and mingling.


After the party Mimi compliments him on a successful house party.

“Thanks for inviting me to your house party! I had a great time!”

“Everyone liked my homemade food” Kelly smiles “It was a good idea doing this”


They chat for hours after and find they have much in common. Really hitting it off, their soon close friends. Time goes by fast in good company.


Kelly makes his move and leans in for a kiss, surprising Mimi…


…and she returns the kiss.

“Do not break my heart. Be mine.” Kelly whispers.

“No, I could– I couldn’t do that… my heart flutters for you”


“Mimi, will you marry me?” Kelly gets down on a knee and pulls out a ring from his pocket.

For some reason sims always have a ring at hand when the moment is right.


Mimi accepts and they have a private wedding there and then.


Excited Mimi calls her old house-mates to tell them the good news and with their combined money they have a shell of a house now and a few furniture.





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